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FIFA 16: the lower level amounts of coins

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    10 November 2015

    I think position modifiers are the best way to do the lower level amounts of coins on UT. Once you get to higher price tiers you start getting into things like searching for IFs with either a BIN or Open bid below the amount of money you would need to sell to profit. Every once in a while you get lucky and get a HUGE steal. My best was when I had about 800k I was making money buying IF balotellis for 400k and relisting for 525-600k.

    All of the sudden a 195k BIN pops up, I relist for 20k under the next lowest BIN (600) and boom, I just made 370K IN MINUTES. (I checked prices for IF balo and about 10 other IFs all in a specific price rangeonce or twice an hour. You'd be amazed at some of the steals you can get if you are patient and persistent. Set you phone alarm for how many minutes away the next auction with profit potential is. You won't win all of them but you will win some.)

    The most important thing about it is to always have relatively large amount of coins at your disposal. This year Eto'o was about 32k on my console before the Manchester United game. I had fairly cheap team and 410k in fifa 16 coins. After he scored his 2nd I went on webapp and bought all Eto'os I could afford, 13 of them I belive. Then, after the game finished I listed them all for 44k and they all sold within one hour.

    And during the TOTW he was going for 48k. I've made 130k profit from 410k out of nothing, but if I had it all my coins put in my team it wouldn't happen because I would have to sell my players under their value to get coins quickly and therefore my profit wouldn't be that good. So, tip for FIFA15: watch RL football. Other than that, consumables are the real deal, not the players when it comes to trading, especially now with infinite consumables pile. And, unpopular advice probably but I advice you to open packs at the beginning of the game, because every decent rare gold players goes for at least few k and in the first month after the game goes out prices are dropping so rapidly that there is no much point in trying to trade at that point.

    And some big pull can get it going for you, I pulled Rooney on Web App before FIFA 13 ever came out and thanks to money I got from selling him I could make some sick profit. However, DO NOT buy packs during Web App early access, buy some pacey gold strikers/wingers instead because their price will probably triple after the game comes out. It's not that hard, no offense to anyone but according to this thread it's either impossible for random citizen to get a few millions fut 16 coins, or you have to buy it on eBay.